The History of Hackworts


The Hackworts School of Hexcraft and Hackery was founded in 1626 by four witches working in the Social and Philosophical libraries while living in the Naumkeag settlement just south of Cape Ann, Massachusetts. The Founders dubbed the newly formed school “Hackworts” as a nod to their English heritage and education at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Each founder brought years of teaching and hacking experience as well as unique skills, affinities, and life lessons.

The Houses

Initially, The Founders hand selected the witches, wizards, hexcrafters, and hackers they would mentor and placed them into their own house. Concerned that over time this approach would create dangerous monocultures, The Founders introduced a magical, random, and cryptographically insecure method of sorting students into their houses instead.

The House Cup

Throughout the year, these houses would compete for the "House Cup", gaining points for participating in their various school activities (and losing points for attempts to game the points system).

Despite this friendly house competition, The Founders always emphasized that by working together — across different hacking and magical disciplines — members from various houses could achieve more through collaboration. In fact, The Founders would always award the most points for students that create teams outside of their usual cohort to complete their learnings. Hackworts carries on this tradition today.